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Your 6th Milestone!

Congratulations on 6 months of Doggy Dieting!

This is a huge milestone – well done! Are you ready to celebrate?

Keep up the habit of rewarding yourself and your dog for your dieting efforts by celebrating your achievements on a monthly basis.

  • Take time to reflect on the changes you have made and how they are benefiting your dog.
  • Look back on your dog’s start photos and video footage to remind yourself just how far you have come.
  • Strap on a backpack and carry around the weight your dog has lost so far.


Then revisit your program goals (Prep Step 7 in the left menu) and consider how you are tracking. As your dog’s transformation progresses, so too may your goals.  Feel free to add new goals as you progress towards your dog’s healthy weight.

Your 6-month Report Card

Once you complete today’s weight, activity, measurement and photo uploads, your 6 month report card will be available. This summarises everything you and your dog have achieved to date!

Be proud of your efforts and share your results with the world using #WAGSTAWellness.

We regularly feature #WAGSTAWellness posts on our public WAGSTA Facebook page and would love to see your dog there 🙂

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