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Your 5th Milestone!

Congratulations on completing 5 months of your WAGSTA Wellness program! Let’s see how far you have come.

Upload your dog’s measurements, activity, weight and photo’s. Then take time to view your dashboard charts. How are your dog’s weight and measurement charts looking? You should be seeing a downwards slope as your close-in on your dog’s target weight.

It’s likely your dog will have dropped their Body Condition Score too. Are you starting to see your dog’s waist line? And is there a little less padding over the rib cage?

Keep working towards your dog’s target weight by paying close attention to your dog’s daily portion plan and by maintaining  regular exercise. Most importantly keep up with your fortnightly weight uploads. These are essential for keeping your dog’s portion calculations up to date, so you can maintain a healthy rate of dog weight loss.

Enjoy your 5th milestone celebration and share it with us in the coaching group!

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