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Week 6 Day 4

It’s time for a dogventure!

Do you live near open countryside or the beach? There’s no greater pleasure than getting away from it all with your dog.

Whether it be a coastal path, open fields, or a forest hike, exploring the outdoors is one of the most invigorating past-times for both humans and dogs!

New sights, new sounds and smells! Dogs just can’t get enough. As well as mental stimulation, there’s also the additional physical challenge of uneven terrain and obstacles to climb and jump. A total body workout!

Do a little research and find your nearest dog friendly hike trail or countryside walk.  If you discover the ultimate dog-friendly hike, let fellow WAGSTAs know about it by sharing your walk to the WAGSTA walk directory in your WAGSTA app.

Stop the scavenging!

Our dog’s highly tuned noses are always on the sniff for tasty morsels, with many dogs so adept they scavenge wherever they go!

Is your dog the sort who frequently retrieves old bones, food packaging and food scraps whilst on walks? Do they gobble up the evidence before you can see what they are eating? If so, it sounds as though you have a true scavenger on your hands! And this doggy pastime may be undoing your good dieting work.

Take control of this habit and maintain your dog’s daily calorie quota with these Scavenger Tips:

  1. Remain vigilant. As soon as your dog goes into sniff overdrive and begins to walk off course, shorten their leash and get them to heel. It’s likely something tasty is nearby!
  2. Avoid walking your dog near food and rubbish hot spots e.g. school yards, public bins, shops, picnic grounds and takeaway outlets.
  3. Avoid fishing spots (baited hooks are eaten all too often by dogs, necessitating surgical removal!)
  4. In extreme cases, you may need to consider using a muzzle on outings.
  5. Make sure your yard is secure so you can prevent your dog’s scavenge escapades!
  6. Should your dog wolf down a half-eaten hot dog or bag of chips before you can intervene simply reduce or skip their evening meal.


Healthy Treat Recipe

Feel like turning your hand to a little baking to reward your dog for having come so far? This week’s healthy treat recipe for Fruity Bites, is just the ticket for you!

Tip: Don’t forget to count these home-baked treats towards your dog’s daily calorie allowance.

Let’s Share

Do you have a domestic helper? A four-legged off-sider who is ready to mop up spills, who vacuums up every crumb and happily offers to clean every plate?

It’s hard to decline such enthusiastic assistance. But all that cleaning up really does contribute to your dog’s daily calorie count. So, for now it’s time to get back to our hands and knees and do the clean-up ourselves!

What domestic duty does your dog assist with? Share your stories with your coaching group and feel free to share pictures of your dutiful helpers.

Woofs and wags,

Your WAGSTA team.

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