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Week 6 Day 1

Congratulations on completing the first month of your WAGSTA activity program!

How is your WAGSTA walk tally looking? Every time you put on your sneakers, take pride in the fact that you REALLY are doing your dog the world of good. Your dog’s mental and physical well-being will be improving no bounds. And perhaps so is yours!

Have you noticed any personal benefits of taking your dog on regular walks? We’d love to know!

Reduced stress levels, better sleep patterns, improved mood, heightened alertness, reduced aches and pains can be experienced by both ourselves and our dogs!

The great news is, as your dog’s fitness improves their activity output will also increase.

Not only will you walk for longer, it is likely the pace of your dog’s walk will also start to increase. And once this happens the compounding effect of regular activity really starts to kick in. This is when your dog’s rate of calorie burn escalates, enhancing your weight loss efforts.

So, keep up the great work and prepare for those puppy pounds to melt away!

Keep Sharing

There’s some stunning walks out there- well worth sharing! Please share happy snaps of your dog out and about on our WAGSTA social pages using #WAGSTAwalk. We can’t wait to see your dogventures 🙂

Are you the Master of Excuse?

We are all guilty of making excuses at some point or other! You know, those flippant comments to avoid acknowledging the real issue at hand. And when it comes to overweight dogs, as owners we tend to be the masters of excuse!

This week’s mindset video will help you recognize and banish excuses, to take full ownership of your dog’s weight problems.

Acknowledging responsibility for our dog’s weight gain is the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT STEP towards successful weight loss and improving our dog’s lives!

Get ready to banish your excuses and embark on a weight loss journey from which you will not look back….

(Jump to 00:17 to skip intro. Tap cc for captions.)

Game of the Week: In the Basket!

Get out your favorite dog toys and a basket and let’s get started!

  • Give your dog his toy and encourage him to drop it “in the basket”. Reward your dog with praise or a healthy treat as soon as he does.
  • Repeat this step several times. (If this is new to your dog, spend a couple of days refining your command.)
  • Next introduce a “fetch” command so that your dog picks up their toy. Then, ask your dog to place the toy “in the basket”.
  • Once your dog understands your “fetch”” and “in the basket” commands, you can start scattering and throwing toys all over the place, to provide a serious work out!


Woofs and wags,

Your WAGSTA team.

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