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Week 40 Diet Tip

Age is not an excuse.

It is common for many of us to blame weight gain on ageing and therefore accept it a part of the course. But it does not have to be this way.

Veterinarians see many overweight dogs, whose owners provide their dog’s age as an excuse for weight gain. Many of these “old dogs” are only middle aged (7-8 years old) but act much older due to the crippling effects of their weight gain.

A reduction in metabolism and activity level is a natural part of ageing, but it does not meal weight gain is done deal! Far from it!

As pet parents we are responsible for moderating our dogs diet and calorie intake as our dogs age. It is our task to help our dogs maintain a healthy weight throughout life.

Continued weight monitoring together with calorie restriction and regular low impact exercise (daily walks) are the key to helping your dog lead a happy and active life, well into their teens.



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