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Week 4 Day 4

Are you ready to feel the difference you are making?

To truly grasp your dog’s progress, it helps to visualize and experience your dog’s weight loss. Here are a few everyday household items that can be used to great effect over the coming months. Choose your item of choice and start collecting now….

  • Milk containers
  • Yogurt tubs
  • Bags of sugar
  • Bags of dog food
  • Margarine or butter containers


Visualize Weight Loss

Butter tubs are an excellent choice, allowing you to compare like with like, or fat with fat!  To say Maxo lost 16 kilograms (35 lb) was impressive but to see the equivalent 32 x 500 g butter tubs lined up was astounding!

Don’t stop there…

Experience Weight Loss

Make sure you regularly experience your dog’s weight loss!  Lift and carry the equivalent weight, your dog has lost. Do a quick lap around the house. Climb some stairs and feel the difference you are making to your dog!

Visualizing and experiencing your dog’s weight loss is a highly rewarding and motivating experience. Make time to do this after each fortnightly weigh-in to reinforce the difference you are making.

Use this to fuel your dedication throughout your WAGSTA journey! And don’t forget to share your pics with your coaching group 🙂

Feeling chuffed with himself, Maxo poses next to his cartload of 20 margarine containers. The visual equivalent of the 10 kg (22 lbs) lost in his first 3 months of dieting!

Swim Safety

Does your dog love taking a dip? If so, this is great news because swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for overweight dogs. Swimming takes the strain off your dog’s joints whilst giving a great cardio workout- with minimal risk of overheating.

So, if you live in a suitable climate, try incorporating swimming into your dog’s off-leash time.  A five-minute swim or water play session here and there will do wonders.

Ready to take the plunge? Please read our Swim Safety Tips.

Some dogs would rather run a mile than go for a swim! If your dog prefers to stay dry, do not pressure them to swim. The aim of the game is for daily activity sessions to be fun for all!

Woofs and wags,

Your WAGSTA team.

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