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Week 34 Diet Tip

Keep an eye on training treats

As you progress with your dog’s transformation it’s likely others will be a part of the journey. This may include your dog spending time with dog trainers, doggy day carers, dog walkers or perhaps friends and family who share in your dog’s care.

This brings with it, the risk of excess treat consumption. As we all know, it’s a natural human tendency to reward good behaviour with treats. So be on the look-out!

For example many dog training classes provide food rewards to help with training. However training treats are often high in calories and will exceed your dog’s daily calorie allowance.

So whenever your dog is under the care of others provide your own treat pack, portioned from your dog’s daily calorie allowance. Consider using some of your dog’s dry kibble, or low-calorie snacks such as berries, carrot sticks and beans.

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