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Week 31 Diet Tip

Expect the occasional weight plateau

Weight loss plateaus are part and parcel of both human and doggy dieting. Most dogs will undergo at least one phase of stalled weight loss during their diet.

This is often due to metabolic adjustment where a dog’s metabolic rate lowers in response to their reduced calorie intake. In this situation, a small adjustment (reduction) in calorie intake will kick start weight loss again. (Your WAGSTA Wellness program will automatically calculate these adjustments from your dog’s fortnightly weight uploads)

However, it is important to rule out other causes which may be impacting your dog diet results. If your dog’s weight loss stalls or slows, consider the following:

  1. Has there been a reduction in dog exercise levels?
  2. Has there been a change in food type?
  3. Are you accurately measuring meal portions?
  4. Are you accounting for all the treats and extras your dog consumes?
  5. Has your dog found an additional food source? (new neighbours, new pet, scavenging, fruiting trees, secret treats from a household member)


Quickly identify and rectify any factors impacting your dog’s diet. Then get back on track in achieving your dog weight goals!

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