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Week 3 Day 1

Congratulations on completing your first fortnight of doggy dieting!

Are you ready to see the results?

The best way to track your dog’s weight loss is to take regular measurements. This includes both weigh-ins and measure-ups.

During this program you will weigh your dog every fortnight and measure your dog once a month. Please read How to Measure and Weigh your Dog  (in your resource library).  Then go ahead and weigh your dog and upload today’s weight and this week’s activity tally, below.

Your dog’s fortnightly weight check is the most crucial part of this program.  These weigh-in results are used to track your dog’s progress and to make any necessary adjustments to your dog’s daily calorie allowance and food intake.

Automated calorie adjustments are built into your WAGSTA weight program. After entering your dog’s fortnightly weight, any alterations to your dog’s portion plan will display on your dashboard.

Your activity plan also refreshes each week. Your dog’s activity for Week 3 is now available on your dashboard.

Delving into Habits

What feeding habits exist in your household?

A large part of managing doggy weight, hinges on being able to control and modify any unhealthy feeding habits we may have. This week’s video builds on from Launch Task 6 where you identified your household feeding habits.

Hit play below to start rewiring unhealthy feeding habits into healthy ones 🙂

(Jump to 00:17 to skip intro. Tap cc for captions.)

Introducing Play

As of today we will be adding 5 minutes of dedicated play time to your dog’s daily activity program.

Play will benefit both you and your dog with the number one benefit, being fun! This is closely followed by mental stimulation, physical exercise benefits and by increased owner-pet engagement.

So are you ready for Game of the Week?

Spice up your dog’s play time by adding this game to your play session.

Game of the Week: Hide and Seek

Ask your dog to ‘sit and stay’ or have a friend hold your dog whilst you:

  • Go hide. Then call your dog to find you.
  • Alternatively have another person hide from your dog and then release your dog to go seek.
  • The more people who hide and the further away you hide, the more exercise your dog will have whilst finding you!

This is a great game to determine whether your dog is scent or sight oriented. Beagles (scent hounds) out compete the likes of Cattle Dogs and Greyhounds (sight hounds) every time!

Woofs and wags,

Your WAGSTA team.

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