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Week 28 Diet Tip


Make meal times last!

If given the chance most dogs will gobble up their meals within a minute or two, leaving them quickly anticipating more!  As pet parents we often wonder whether our dogs have even tasted or registered the food they consume!

Lengthen your dog’s meals and enhance your dog’s meal time satisfaction with the following tips:

  1. Send your dog on safari! Scatter your dog’s dry kibble around the garden or house so your dog has to sniff out their meal. This will easily convert a 60 second gobble fest into a 10-minute grazing session. Not only does this provide mental stimulation and added exercise, this slower pace of eating will provide your dog a greater sense of satiety (fullness).
  2. Consider using a slow feeder or puzzle bowl to prevent your dog gulping down their meal. These bowls provide valuable mental stimulation as your dog figures how to get to their food. By slowing their pace of eating there is less air consumed resulting in reduced risk of bloat (large dogs) and reduced flatulence.
  3. Feed your dog at least twice daily to keep hunger at bay. Remember to split your dog’s daily calorie intake across both meals- taking into account any extra treats or chews they may receive.


Some pet parents interpret over enthusiastic eating as having fed an insufficient amount and so top-up their dog’s meals. Do not fall into this trap. Stick with your dog’s recommended daily intake.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a full Labrador! (and the same can be said for most breeds 🙂 )

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