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Week 26 Diet Tip

Conduct regular household audits

The biggest influence on your dog’s diet outcome is your home environment. Keep lifestyle and household factors front of mind throughout your dog’s diet.

Continuously pay attention to food sources, feeding habits, activity levels, family members and visitors.

Take note of any changes in the home environment which may impact your diet efforts and remedy immediately. Look out for the following:

  • Seasonal climactic change leading to fluctuation in exercise levels. Take steps to maintain daily activity throughout the year.
  • Household members- new pets, children and extended family all provide extra opportunity for food. Take steps to prevent scavenging and unaccounted treats.
  • Parties, visitors and guests- forewarn guests of your dog’s diet to prevent the feeding of titbits. Make separate arrangements for your dog during parties. Not only will this prevent unaccounted treats, it will also stop post-party tummy upsets.
  • Monitor your dog’s yard- fruiting trees, vegetable patches, chicken pens and compost bins make for great calorie sources!
  • A change to food or treat type- remember to update your food entry into your portion calculator to receive new portion sizes and keep your dog’s diet on track.

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