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Week 24 Diet Tip

Be your Dog’s Health and Weight Advocate

You are your dog’s Number 1.  health and lifestyle advocate!

Continue to demonstrate love through pats, cuddles and adventure, and limit your dog’s intake of treats. Remember, your dog appreciates your time and attention so much more than a quick taste and calorie hit.

It’s important to remember dog weight gain is a ‘people problem’, not a ‘dog problem’.  After all, we are responsible for everything our dogs consume and the amount of activity they do.

So as pet parents it is our responsibility to undertake personal change and to create healthier habits to provide our dogs the healthy lifestyle they deserve. This personal investment will have numerous long lasting benefits for you both 🙂

Say “no” to excuses and short cuts and “yes” to adventure, play and correctly portioned meals.

Be the best pet parent you can!

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