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Week 22 Diet Tip

Plot your Dog’s Progress as a Family

Get everyone on-board with your dog’s weight loss journey by plotting diet results together!

Some tips to engage the household and family with your dog’s diet include:

  1. Turn your dog’s fortnightly weigh-in into a family event! Take the family along and have them assist with your dog’s weight check. Then reward everyone with a fun filled dog-friendly activity afterwards.
  2.  Plot your dog’s progress together by placing a weight and measurement graph on your fridge, so your dog’s progress is visible to all.
  3. Take your dog on family excursions- get active together by visiting a new dog park or exploring new walk routes.
  4. Make sure everyone follows the household diet rules (only feed allocated treats and ensure all meals are measured). Look out for one another to help your dog’s diet stay on track.
  5. Involve family members in walkies time- share the responsibility with a walk roster.
  6. Engage household members in tracking your dog’s walks with the WAGSTA tracking app- take pride in watching  your dog’s walk tally grow.
  7. Remember to regularly reward your dog dieting efforts and celebrate your achievements as a family 🙂

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