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Week 20 Diet Tip

Discourage Begging Behaviour

One of the most effective ways to reduce food begging behaviour (and your temptation to provide treats) is to remove your dog from eating and food preparation areas.

Ideally the kitchen should be a no-go zone. This will prevent your dog licking dropped or spilled food items and will help you curb feeding habits such as giving meat off-cuts and containers for your dog to lick whilst you prepare meals.

This will also prevent your dog magically appearing and begging for treats every time you open the fridge or pantry door!

The same applies to the dining table. Keep your dog separate at meal times. This may feel a little mean at first however if you remain consistent with this rule your dog will soon adjust and not bear it a second thought.

To remove any feelings of guilt, it helps to set “household” meal times (e.g. breakfast and dinner times) where humans and dogs eat at the same time. Remember to feed your dog in their own dining area. And avoid eating in front of your dog when snacking in between meals.

Successful doggy dieting requires you to reduce the number of food interactions your dog has each day. This will reduce potential for excess calorie intake and will significantly reduce begging behaviour.

Stick to set meal and treat times. Stay strong and do not give into those puppy-eyed looks!

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