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Week 2 Day 1

Congratulations on completing your first week!

Do you feel confident portioning your dog’s food? Are you happy with your dog’s target weight? If you have any queries, please reach out via our coaching group so we can get any concerns out of the way.

Your activity plan is now live!

Please upload your dog’s baseline activity for the past week using the upload box at the bottom of this page. If using the WAGSTA tracking app, you’ll find your walk stats on your WALK LIST page. (If you forgot to track your walks enter an estimated time and distance tally.)

Get your leash and walking shoes ready because your WAGSTA activity plan is now live!

Your activity plan will update each week and can be viewed on your dashboard.

Introducing Walkies for Activity Level 2 & 3 Participants.

The activity plan starts with two short walks per day. Walks will gradually build in duration and your activity schedule will soon introduce off-leash activity and play time.

We recommend walking twice daily (morning and evening). However, if this is not achievable, your dog’s daily activity can be completed in one session. In this case, use the second session’s 5-minute stroll as cool down time.

The stroll:  This is a leisurely walk where there’s time to stop and smell the roses. All of our activity sessions commence with a short stroll to give our dogs a warm-up and to allow our dogs to toilet and investigate their surrounds before more serious activity gets underway.

The active walk: This walk is all about exercise and calorie burning! No stopping to sniff or marking territory allowed. The active walk relies on impetus from you.

So take a short rein on the leash and get started with a command such as Let’s go! or Walkies! (This command helps your dog differentiate between the two walk types and know when it is time to up the pace).

Look ahead and set a brisk walking pace. Aim to keep your dog by your side. Your pace will be determined by the size and fitness of your dog.

Remember the active walk is about hustle and bustle. You are your dog’s personal trainer! Give a quick “no” command and tighten the leash if your dog tries to stop and sniff. Be consistent and after a few walks your dog will soon get the idea.

Level 1 Activity Participants

For safety reasons it is best Level 1 participants do not to take part in active walking. Instead, we recommend taking your dog for a short stroll (once or twice daily) to stretch their legs, socialize and explore their surrounds.

Be guided by your dog as to the length of the stroll. Off-leash ambles around dog parks are also suitable.

For Level 1 participants, tips are provided throughout your program to help increase everyday activity levels in the home. You may view these tips now : How to maximize baseline activity levels.

N.B. Level 1 participants are on a lowered calorie allowance which ensures weight loss without the need for active exercise. For successful weight loss your dog’s portion plan must be followed closely.

Mindset Video

Regular exercise helps reinforce the bond you share with your dog. Learn how to use this bond to your dog’s weight loss advantage with today’s video!

(Jump to 00:17 to skip intro. Tap cc for captions.)

Final Word: Your WAGSTA activity program is about getting out and about, exploring, playing and having a great time with your dog.  Enjoy this dedicated time together and make the most of your owner-pet bond  🙂

Woofs and wags,

Your WAGSTA team.

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