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Week 16 Diet Tip

Maintain your Designated Feeder Status

To maintain your dog’s successful weight loss, it is important you continue as your dog’s designated feeder.

We must avoid duplicate meals, missed meals and incorrectly portioned meals which can often occur if more than one person takes responsibility for feeding. As designated feeder responsibility lies with you to ensure your dog’s food intake is properly managed.

If going away or unable to make feeding times, make sure you delegate feeding to a specific individual. Ideally pre-portion your dog’s meals or take time to demonstrate the correct amount to feed.

To keep household members happy, you can create a treat jar with your dog’s total daily treat allowance (think popcorn, carrot slices, beans). Household members can then feed from the jar, but once it’s empty, no more treats for the day.

Keep up the great work!

Your WAGSTA team.

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