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Week 15 Diet Tip

Remain committed to portion measurement

Accurate measurement of daily food portions is cornerstone to achieving your dog’s healthy target weight. Remember to check your member area after each weight upload for any changes to portion size.

As your dog’s diet progresses you may be tempted to relax when portioning meals. Please so not let this happen! To maintain accuracy, it is best to use a pair of electronic kitchen scales to weigh out every meal.

The use of measuring cups and scoops is less accurate often resulting in portion size varying slightly day to day. A few extra biscuits or dry kibbles on a daily basis can soon add up for smaller dogs, causing weight loss to stall.

Many studies demonstrate our natural tendency as dog owners to over portion meals when eye-balling cup levels. This is especially prevalent when estimating part-cup measures e.g quarter of a cup. Over time this inaccuracy can be blamed for dog weight gain.

When it comes to diet success, weighing your dog’s meals is just as important as weighing your dog 🙂

Keep up your amazing efforts and see you over in the coaching group!

Your WAGSTA team.

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