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Week 14 Diet Tip

Maintain your fortnightly weigh-ins

Now you have completed your 12 week on-boarding, your dog’s fortnightly weight uploads are crucial in keeping your dog’s portion plan active going forward.

Here are a few tips to help you commit to and maintain accuracy with your dog’s fortnightly weight checks.

Commit to your Dog’s Fortnightly Weight Check

  • Ensure your WAGSTA app weight check reminder is set. Click on the health tab to set or adjust your fortnightly reminder for a day and time you can commit to. You will receive reminders via your pawsfeed, via email and as a phone notification.
  • After updating your dog’s weight chart you will be given a fortnightly weight loss target. Do your best to achieve this target. Do not be disillusioned if you do not meet it every time. Remember you are in this for the long game and fluctuations in rate of weight loss will be part of your journey.*
  • In addition to updating your dog’s WAGSTA weight chart, continue to take monthly photos of your dog (side and front views) as a pictorial record of your dog’s weight loss journey!
  • Record regular videos of your dog’s everyday activity e.g. walking, climbing stairs, getting in the car, being weighed.  These will be invaluable to see just how much your dog’s mobility and energy levels improve!


Weight Check 101

  • The best time to weigh your dog is before they are fed and after they have had the opportunity to toilet.
  • Aim to weigh your dog at the same time of the day, for each weigh-in.
  • Always use the same set of scales for consistent readings.
  • Ensure the scales are sited on a flat surface and are set to zero before your dog is weighed.
  • Ensure your dog wears the same collar and leash combo at each weigh-in.
  • For the most accurate result, use walk-on scales provided for free use in veterinary clinics and pet retail outlets. (Small dogs can be weighed using digital bathroom scales).

** Your dog’s fortnightly weight loss target is generated whenever you update your dog’s weight chart. This fortnightly goal is set according to your dog’s current weight. 

Keep up the great work!

Your WAGSTA team.

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