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Week 13 Day 1

You’ve done it!! You’ve reached your third milestone!

Congratulations on 12 weeks of sustained dieting and activity. This is an amazing undertaking! Your care and dedication is making the world of difference to your dog resulting in a happier, healthier and more energetic best friend!

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Your 3-month Report Card

To activate your report card please complete your Weigh-in, Measure-up & Activity upload. Your 3 month report card tab will then appear.

Click the tab to retrieve your dog’s 12-week summary, outlining everything you have achieved these past 12 weeks!

Where to from here?

This is the final update in your induction series. However, your dog’s weight plan and coaching group will continue to support you as you continue your dog’s weight journey.

We recommend continued support until your dog’s healthy target weight is achieved and your dog has transitioned onto their maintenance diet.

Continued WAGSTA Wellness membership will  provide:

  • Ongoing monthly measure-ups, fortnightly weigh-ins and weekly activity uploads
  • Ongoing calorie adjustments and automated portion planning
  • Support transitioning to maintenance calorie intake
  • Support transitioning your dog to a maintenance food
  • Report cards every 3 months summarising your dog’s achievements
  • Continued support and coaching feedback through your member’s only coaching group.
  • Weekly motivational diet tips to keep you in a success mindset.
  • Continued access to our regularly updated resource library.


Stay tuned for your weekly motivational diet tips as we continue your dog’s transformation journey 🙂

Finally please don’t forget to share your dog’s 12 week ‘before and after’ photos with your WAGSTA coaching group and to our social pages using #WAGSTAtransformation. Share your dog’s achievements and let the 3rd milestone celebrations begin!

Here’s to your continued success!

Dr Charlotte and your WAGSTA team.


P.S. WAGSTA ‘s mission is to help as many dog’s as possible regain a life of health, vitality and play. So please spread the word. We have a 10% program discount coupon available to your friends and dog network. No restrictions apply 🙂

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