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Week 12 Day 4

A special message to your WAGSTA!

Wow those paws have clocked up some distance! And we bet you have been loving it, right? Well don’t worry, the fun doesn’t end here.

Your amazing owner understands the many benefits of your daily outings! And now they have created this habit, it is one they’ll want to continue. How could they not, when they see just how much enjoyment you receive?

We bet your daily outings are so ingrained, you now know when it is “walkies o’clock”. Just quietly, you can remind your owner if they forget 🙂

So, WELL DONE, you’ve done an absolutely PAWSOME job in completing your first 3 months of your wellness program.

Averaging 35-45 minutes of activity per day, you are living the ultimate dog’s life!

Your improved mobility, energy levels and playfulness are an inspiration. We love your work!

So here’s to many more dog adventures and plenty more WAGSTA walks!

Your 3 Month Report!

There’s just one more update to arrive in your 12-week WAGSTA on-boarding series. Completing this series means you’ve achieved the optimal mindset for dog diet success! Setting you up to achieve your dog’s healthy weight and maintain it for life.

Following this next weigh-in and measure-up, your first report card will become available. WAGSTA generates report cards at the 3, 6, 9 and 12-month marks.

Your dog’s degree of weight gain will determine the length of their weight loss period. Participants with a starting body condition score of 8 or 9, should factor in 6-12 months of dieting.

Please keep an eye out for your next course link where you’ll be guided in downloading your report card and your next steps from here!

You still have a few more days up your sleeve until your 12 week weigh-in and measure-up. So do your best and make this weigh-in really count!

We can’t wait to see your results 🙂

Woofs and wags,

Your WAGSTA team.

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