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Week 12 Day 1

Prepare to be wowed by your best week yet!

Congratulations on having come so far! You are now in your 12th consecutive week of WAGSTA dieting.

There’s just 7 days to go before your third milestone! So this week we want you to give your very best to ensure your dog’s next weigh-in and measure-up delivers the result your dog deserves!

Keep focused on your program goals bearing in mind your dog’s 3-month report card and 3-month profile photo are just around the corner!

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Look How Far You Have Come!

During the past 12 weeks you have covered so much. Let’s look back….

  • You have discovered the excuses that held you back from properly acknowledging your dog’s weight gain.
  •  You delved into feeding habits and created healthier alternate habits.
  • You acknowledged the emotions linked with feeding your dog
  •  You’ve learnt how to feed your dog healthy and nutritious calorie-portioned meals.
  • You know the importance of showing love and affection through physical means rather than through food.
  • You recognise that attention and play are exponentially more powerful in strengthening the dog-owner bond, than is food.
  •  You know how to be objective and how to prevent love masking the true image of your dog.
  • You have learnt the importance of regular weigh-ins and measurements to keep track of your dog’s body condition.
  •  And you have become an old hand at calorie counting and correctly measuring out and portioning your dog’s meals and treats!


Congratulations! You really have become a dog weight loss expert!

Share Your Achievements!

Shout out about your achievement by creating a before-and-after photo of your dog to share on our WAGSTA facebook and instagram pages using #WAGSTAtransformation. Let’s see your dog’s transformation!

What benefits is your dog experiencing from their WAGSTA diet plan? Please share the effects regular activity and weight management have had on your dog, with your coaching group. We love hearing your first-hand stories:)

Woofs and wags,

Your WAGSTA team.

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