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Week 11 Day 4

Commit to maintaining your active doggy lifestyle!

For the past 10 weeks you have been building an active lifestyle for your dog.  Your activity tally is growing and your WAGSTA walk list is testament to the adventures you have enjoyed together.

As a dog it just doesn’t get better than playing with your owner, regularly exploring the neighborhood, meeting up with doggy friends and being treated to outings further afield.

So well done on creating the ULTIMATE doggy lifestyle!

Help maintain this way of life well into your dog’s future years with the following tips:

8 Tips to Maintain an Active Doggy Lifestyle

  1. Set aside a minimum of 30 minutes walking time for your dog every day.
  2. Arrange regular meet-ups and dog walks with  your dog walking buddies.
  3.  If time is scarce, set your alarm an hour earlier to fit in a regular early morning walk. Have your dog’s collar, leash and your sneakers ready to go, the night before.
  4. Set up a household walking roster and get the entire family involved.
  5. Struggling to keep up with daily walks? Enlist the help of a dog walker. There are plenty of dog walking websites where you can meet friendly locals ready and waiting to spend time with your dog.
  6. Plan family outings to dog-friendly locations, let your dog join the fun.
  7. Book a regular obedience or agility class for your dog.
  8. Check out the ever-growing array of canine sports (see below)!


Dog Sports

Want to take your dog’s activity up a level? Consider getting involved in a dog sport. These sports are great for both human and dog fitness as well as fostering your competitive spirit. Do any of the following sports suit your dog’s physical attributes?

Fly ball: a team sport where dogs jump over a series of jumps to release a ball from a catapult and then return it to their owner.

Freestyle: a combination of obedience, dance and tricks between owner and handler

Agility: where dog runs through an obstacle course under direction of their handler

Cani-cross: cross country running with your dog

Dock jumping-:competitive water jumping for dogs

Disc dog: dog and owner compete in retrieving and catching discs

Triebball-:picture dog soccer with a giant ball

Skijoring: using 1 to 3 dogs to pull a cross country skier along a course

Bike riding: suitable for ultra-fit dogs who enjoy running alongside a bike on a specialized leash

Stand-up paddle boarding and surfing: for the water and ocean loving hound.

Find out more about dog sports in your area by having a chat to your local kennel club.

Is your Dog’s Healthier Lifestyle Benefiting You?

For several months now we have honed attention on our doggy companions, repeatedly analysing our bond and emotions.

As you no doubt realise, doggy dieting is a two-way street requiring change in both ourselves and our dogs.

What benefits has your dog’s diet brought to your lifestyle? Have you noticed your WAGSTA Wellness plan rubbing off on your personal health and well-being?

We’d love to know 🙂  Don’t be shy about it- share your stories with your coaching group!


Woofs and wags,

Your WAGSTA team.

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