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Week 1 Day 1

Ready, Set, Go! Your WAGSTA Wellness Plan is Live!

Your journey towards creating the optimal lifestyle for your dog begins today. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

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MEAL PORTIONS: Your WAGSTA Wellness dashboard displays your dog’s dieting calorie allowance and portion plan.

This is the amount to start feeding your dog today.  Please pay close attention to these calorie and portion figures throughout your plan, as they may adjust according to your dog’s fortnightly weigh-in result.

We’ve created this quick WAGSTA cheat sheet to help you accurately portion your dog’s meals, please bark to us via your support group if you have any questions.  Food Portioning Cheat Sheet 

REMEMBER: Your dog’s daily calorie allowance includes EVERYTHING your dog consumes for an entire 24-hour period. Meals, treats and chews… absolutely everything that passes your dog’s lips.


Your dog’s first weigh-in is due 2 weeks from today. You can set weight check reminders for your dog in the free WAGSTA app.

You will be prompted to upload your dog’s weight every fortnight, as part of your diet plan. Weight upload boxes are displayed at the bottom of course materials. (Your next upload is provided with Week 3-Day 1 coaching content.)

Walkies Time!

Whilst diet plays a large part in the overall health and wellness of your best friend, we cannot forget the importance of regular walkies!

That’s why, as a WAGSTA Wellness member we encourage you to download our free WAGSTA walk tracker app.

Saving and tracking your walks will keep you accountable for how active you get with your dog, and will help you get motivated to discover new walks in your area.

New dogventures and walks are a fantastic way to get your pooch “spin-in-circles” excited about exercising!

This week we simply ask you maintain your dog’s current activity level and start tracking your walks with the WAGSTA app. This will allow you to measure your dog’s baseline activity level which you will upload at the end of this week.

You will receive your dog’s custom activity plan at the start of week 2.

We will be in touch mid-week with your next diet plan update (available in the left menu in 3 days time).

Until then Keep That Tail Wagging!

Woofs and wags,

Your WAGSTA team.

P.S. Your dashboard contains your dog’s weight, measurement and activity graphs. Use these to inspire your entire household as you plot your dog’s weight loss journey together!

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