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Pumpkin Chicken Dish

Treat your dog to this wholesome chicken and pumpkin combo!

Pumpkin Chicken Recipe- Ingredients

Each recipe provides 1000 kilocalories. Ingredient weights refer to uncooked weight.

1. Skinless chicken breast (289 grams/10.2 oz.)

2. Brown rice (73 grams/2.6 oz.)

3. Rolled Oats – soaked overnight (73 grams/ 2.6 oz- dry weight)

4. Pumpkin (140 grams/ 4.9 oz.)


1. Cook rice- follow packet guidelines.

2. Steam pumpkin until tender. Dice.

3. Use non-stick pan to cook chicken breast until juices run clear. Dice.

4. Soak rolled oats over night.

5. Mix ingredients together.

6. Add 2 & 1/2 teaspoons (12.5 ml) of WAGSTA oil blend.

7. Add 2 level tablespoons of psyllium powder.

8. Add mineral and vitamin supplements:

  • 1/4 teaspoon iodised salt,
  • 1 x crushed 25 mg zinc tablet,
  • 1500 mg calcium,
  • 1 crushed multi-vitamin tablet (Centrum women)

Mix evenly though food.

9. If necessary use a food processor- to prevent selective eating of ingredients.

10. Weigh end product on digital scales and enter this weight into your home-cooked portion calculator, to correctly portion your dog’s meals.

*WAGSTA Oil Blend Recipe

This oil blend provides your dog with essential EPAs, DHAs , linolenic acids, linoleic acids required for optimal health.

10 ml Fish Oil  (Do not substitute fish oil with cod liver oil.)

30 ml Canola Oil

30 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

30 ml Sunflower Oil

Mix the 4 oils together. Add 12.5 ml (2 and 1/2 teaspoons) of oil blend to your recipe.

*The above recipe provides enough oil blend for 8 WAGSTA recipes.

Batch Cooking

To prepare multiple batches of food, simply multiply the ingredient weights by the number of batches you wish to make.

Remember to add supplements in proportion to the number of batches you make.

e.g. a 6-day meal supply for a dog consuming 480 kcal per day equates to 2880 kcals (6 x 480 kcal).

To meet this calorie requirement, you will need to cook 3 batches of this 1000 kcal recipe.

Add 3 x the normal supplement dose  (7 & 1/2 x teaspoons oil blend, 3 x zinc tablets, 3 x multi-vitamin tablets, 4500 mg calcium, 3/4 teaspoon of iodised salt.)

After weighing and portioning your batched meals, there will be a small surplus- in this case representing the extra 120 kcal (3000-2880 kcal). Weigh the surplus and freeze for future when feeding the same recipe.

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