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This program relies on accurately calculating the calorific intake for your dog on an individualized basis. When it comes to metabolism and caloric requirements, no two dogs are alike. Multiple diet profiles and calorie plans will require additional enrollments.

A 50% discounted rate is provided for additional dogs enrolled under the same owner. Please email us to secure this discount.

This may be an option if your dog is slightly overweight. (I.e. Body Condition Score of no greater than 6 out of 9). If treats and extras are restricted, weight loss can be achieved by tweaking the quantity of your dog’s mainstay dog food. However, if your dog needs to lose greater than 10% of their starting weight, we strongly advise changing your dog onto a diet formula. This is to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

Commercial dog foods contain their nutrients in ratio to their calorie component. So, by cutting back on quantity and therefore the calorie content of your dog’s regular food, you will also be cutting back on vital nutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements.) Dog diet food is nutrient enriched to ensure adequate nutrient intakes despite the lowered calorie content.

Significant reductions to your dog’s current food portion may also cause issues with increased hunger levels which may reduce compliance with your dog’s weight loss program. If your dog needs to lose greater than 10% of their starting weight, we highly recommend feeding a calorie restricted diet dog food for the duration of your dog’s weight loss.

WAGSTA Wellness primarily focuses on managing your dog’s caloric intake to promote a healthy weight.

Our activity plans are supplementary to this. We have three activity plans to choose from based on your dog’s age, breed, current fitness and mobility.

The programs commence with 2 short activity sessions per day. These gradually increase in intensity to incorporate 2 x 30-minute sessions (of walking, off leash activity and play) per day.

For dogs who are unable to exercise, we provide a diet plan which allows weight loss through calorie restriction alone.

WAGSTA Wellness provides all dogs with individualized calorie plans which are adjusted on an as-needs basis. Once your dog’s healthy target weight is met, a maintenance calorie plan is formulated, and you will transition your dog onto their everyday diet. Your coach will guide you through this transition to prevent weight rebound.

During this time your dog’s weight, measurements and walk statistics will continue to be uploaded, and you will receive continued support and community, until you feel comfortable your dog’s healthy weight has stabilized.

Home cooked meals are acceptable providing they are nutritionally-balanced and you have a complete understanding of the calorie content of the food you prepare. WAGSTA Wellness provides a selection of nutritionist-endorsed recipes for dog weight loss purposes.

These recipes are based on common everyday ingredients and provide calorie and protein content suitable for diet purposes. Home-cooking is only recommended for owners who are already experienced and dedicated to the home preparation of dog food.