Have you ever wondered what your dog’s ideal dog weight should be? Take 5 minutes to find out now. Our dog weight calculator will provide your dog’s ideal dog weight. Otherwise known as a target weight.

Dog Weight Calculator

Discover your dog’s ideal dog weight (healthy weight) by following these 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Move the slider to the body picture and description that best represents your dog.

Step 2. Enter your dog’s current weight into the dog weight calculator

Diet Tip:  It’s best to have your veterinarian confirm your dog’s target weight. Giving you a goal to aim for with your dog’s diet.

Step 3. Enter your name and email address to instantly generate your dog’s healthy target weight. Get started by hitting the tab below!

Dog Weight Calculator Tool


 What is a Target Weight?

The first step in dieting your dog is to calculate your dog’s target weight.

A target weight is your dog’s healthy weight or the weight your dog should weigh.

A target weight allows your dog’s daily calorie allowance or dog calorie needs to be calculated. Enabling you to feed the correct portion size to meet your dog’s weight loss or weight gain needs.

As with humans, target weights have a small amount of variance built in. Your dog’s target weight may need to be adjusted as you get closer to achieving your dog’s weight goal (i.e. the final target weight may need to go up or down slightly based on your dog’s body condition score.)

Take action today towards achieving your dog’s target weight with our veterinary-guided WAGSTA Wellness diet plan.