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(DOWNLOAD AS PDF)         Dear Carer,   ________________________ is currently participating in the WAGSTA Wellness weight loss program and has been doing a brilliant job working towards a healthy target weight.   To support this weight loss journey, please feed according to the following guidelines.   Total Daily

(DOWNLOAD AS PDF)         Dear Veterinary Colleague,     ________________ has recently joined the WAGSTA Wellness* veterinary-guided dog weight plan.   WAGSTA recommends all weight plan participants visit their veterinarian for a general health check prior to diet commencement. This is to assess possible health issues that

The following tables display the calorie count of everyday human foods commonly fed as dog treats. Use these tables to identify the calorie count of doggy tidbits and to choose healthier, lower-calorie alternatives. Calorie-rich Household Foods Calorie Rich Household Foods (Human Foods) Calories /100 grams Calories/ounce Typical