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Welcome WAGSTA Chefs! Congratulations on taking the step to prepare your dog's food. The WAGSTA Wellness program provides a menu of nutritionally 'complete and balanced' dog food recipes, formulated in conjunction with our consulting animal nutritionist, Professor emeritus Nick Costa. These recipes have

  Treat your dog to some home baked low-calorie dog treats. With the natural sweetness of fruit, your dog will go banana's over these! Ingredients 1 x medium banana (100 kcal) – the riper the banana the tastier the treat! 1 x cup grated

The following tables display the calorie count of everyday human foods commonly fed as dog treats. Use these tables to identify the calorie count of doggy tidbits and to choose healthier, lower-calorie alternatives. Calorie-rich Household Foods Calorie Rich Household Foods (Human Foods) Calories /100 grams Calories/ounce Typical